Wednesday, January 19, 2011

1 feet and then some...

I think almost half the snow that has fallen this winter has fallen the last 24 hours. That means that I got up before eight o'clock this morning (I'm currently working the evening shift) and started shoveling snow. Well actually operating a 5,5 hp snowthrower like this:

I would have removed 1 feet of snow and then some in our yard but the twins had their 6 months check up today and yes they are doing fine. I should be able to clear the rest of the snow with one hour of work tomorrow. This is the best investment we have done in a long time. Shoveling 1 feet of snow of the yard with a snow shovel would probably have occupied me the rest of the week. Now it takes 2-3 hours and it's really not that heavy...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reinvent your blog

Eventually all bloggers hit the wall, that one made of bricks and concrete. That's when you realize you got nothing to write about anymore. You have written all what you want to write about what your blog is about and it starts slipping silently into the night.

Then it's time to reinvent your blog. Lost your joy of writing? Try writing from a different approach and that joy may find find it's way back to your keyboard. In the beginning I wrote structured and thought out blog posts and some of them where actually quite good, but that's in my past. Now I usually prefer more spontaneous posts because it's more fun but I still do have my moments.

Have you written everything you know about cupcakes? Try writing about hunting.

Your blog about you everyday life is so boring that even you have become bored with it. Create a science fiction character and write about his/her fictional adventures.

The thing about blogs is that everyone isn't a writer but there are many of us out there who enjoy writing and the benefits it gives. Writing maintains and develops my language skills, not only my mother tongue but other languages as well. For other it's like seeing a therapist. Writing about your emotional and other problems for everyone to see can be very liberating and a way to solve or at least to understand your problems. Blogs may not have changed the world but it has changed many lives for the better.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


I think the las time I got my hair cut was in July. Usually I get my hair cut three months apart but I never got around to it this fall. I have my suspicions why, a happy family life =). But now it's short and it was -24 C outside when I got out of the hair salon. Do you remember those old cold war movies where Russians always wore those big fur hats the size of a small country they've invade... sorry liberated. Well I wore one over my short hair and it prevented me from getting a cold shock ;-P. Well -24 C is really not that bad but 6 months of hair were gone and I didn't want to freeze.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Non-important update

I do many things on the Internet and every now and then, just to pass time I chat on some web chat. I did that last week and this time it was one where Firefox's spell checker didn't work and I sucked. I have been sort of lazy with my blogging lately and I realized that if I don't use it I loose it. So I've sort of made this New Year's resolution that I'm going to update my blog even if I don't have this great post that impresses all my readers.

I'm a big fan of quality but history shows that quantity have a way of beating quality. And if I write more I get experience and that can lead to greater things: It's like taking pictures with a digicam, you may take 50 pictures and get one really great one while the 49 other suck. In the end it will benefit both me and my readers.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Plastic sledge

The other day we did something with our children or actually our oldest daughter Mirelle which we should do a lot more often. We visited the local skiing hill Öjberget. The landscape is very flat around here but Öjberget is part of the the outer rim of a 560 million year old impact crater called Söderfjärden. We left the twins in the car sleeping, we parked our car 20 meters from the sledge hill just in case the twins awoke and brought out the plastic sledge.

She really enjoyed it and there where lots of other kids with their sledges and their parents in the hill. We should definitely do this more often.