Monday, May 17, 2010

Separation anxiety

Six nights ago we began what had worried us for some time. We moved Mirelle to her own room at night. We worried about what happens if she wakes up in the middle of the night and we're not there? Will she cry? Will she feel lonely? What if she suddenly figures out how to climb out of her bed and falls to the floor?

She has never slept better, ever. During those six night she has awoken us once, it was the second night and after a half hour in our big bed she was sleeping again and I carried her back to her own room. She sleeps to around 9:00 every morning. She woke up anywhere between 6.00-10.00 when she was sleeping in our room and usually at least once every night.

So we the parents had some sort of separation anxiety that was uncalled for and Mirelle sleeps much better in her own room.

Saturday, May 08, 2010


What was once called MSN is now called Windows Live Messenger, although most people still refer it by MSN. It's probably the most popular IM or instant messenger out there. ICQ was once the most popular IM out there, but then it sort of faded away. I'm beginning to suspect that that was a forecall of things to come, the end of IM.

People still like to chat but everyone's got Facebook and Facebook got a chat function. It's not even close to how advanced MSN was about 10 years ago, even further back when it was called Windows Messenger. But that is everything else in Facebook is for.

I log on to MSN every now and then, usually when I'm at work and there are about two people I talk to regularly although I got about 70 people on my contact list and there was a point in time about 5 years ago when I thought the 150 people limit on your contact list was set too low. When I log in there are quite often a couple of bots that has either sent me a message or try do add me to their contact list.

IM isn't dying but it's definitely fading away, and has largely been replaced by Facebook and/or Google...