Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My blog on Facebook

I'm publishing my blog on Facebook and no it's not this one. I'm publishing my Blogspot blog in Swedish trough Notes (I think it's called Notes, I'm not entirely sure since I got my Fb in Swedish and I'm too lazy to switch languages back and fort just to get that 100 % correct).

Around 95 % of my Facebook friend's mother tongue is Swedish and the rest should be able to read Swedish. And any future friends that does not understand Swedish should be able to find this blog trough my Blogspot profile. You can even find a blog in Finnish trough my profile but that's not being updated regularly. That's why I'm publishing my Swedish blog on Facebook and not any other one.

The smell of old clothes

I need to use all of my t-shirts, not just my favorite t-shirts or the ones in the front of my t-shirt shelf. Today however I managed to find a t-shirt that has been in the back of the shelf for a while. It's clean, all my clothes in my wardrobe are clean. But no matter how clean they are, if they've been at the back and on the bottom of a shelf for a while they smell old clothes.

As a result I smell old clothes today.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Good Morning

It's my first morning shift out of four, on a Sunday morning. I like working Sundays, for a different number of reasons so I actually like being here. Although going home is even greater =).

Yesterday was spent in Reisjärvi, or actually going to and from Reisjärvi. And in Reisjärvi we did some dog mating. If all goes well, it's a puppy summer. You wonder where Reisjärvi is. Well according to the GPS you drive north along the E8 to Jakobstad and then turn right and drive eastwards about a 100 miles into to middle of nowhere and the middle of nowhere starts emidietly after you leave E8 .

Fortunately we didn't follow the GPS or looked on the map and drew a straight line when we went home. We headed to the nearest "big" road, which meant going north 30 miles, then going westwards until we got back on E8 north of Kokkola. Now on the map this is a bad choice but roads east of Kokkola and north of Reisjärvi are so good that we actually saved time going the longer route. The GPS choice might work in the summer but it's still winter and the roads you could legally drive 80 km/h on you where sometimes forced to to drive 50-60 km/h on do to the snow/ice condition on the road.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Blogging again

Well, this is a post about blogging. Yes I'm blogging again. With two other posts this day already, one very serious and one less serious it's time for a post about...nothing. It's just that sometimes you feel like writing about everything and nothing and sometimes you just don't feel like writing anything at al. I'm right now in the write mood...


My mom is spending a few days or maybe a week or two in hospital in order to determinate if she got dementia (we're pretty sure she has, that's how she ended up there in the first place), how severe it is, what type of dementia it is and what can be done about it and if something can be done about it.

Best case scenario is that it's false dementia caused by her medication, they change her medication and she'll be back in her apartment in a couple of weeks and her new medication will work a couple of years again. She had an episode like that three years ago and it has worked fairly well up until now.

Worst case scenario is that she got dementia and this is how far it has gone. Dementia is not an illness that gets better. So then we'll have to see if she can live in her apartment again and for how long. After that or by the end of this month we might start considering a nursing home.

But we'll have to see first how her condition progresses during the next few weeks...

I thought about writing individual e-mails about this for whom this concerns but then I realized that no none that I'm not related to or don't have family ties with reads this blog.

Can I have more flamebaits please

I've got a small confession to make. I'm easily provoked by trolls. Throw me a flamebait and I'll be all over it. A few years back it was one of my favorite things to do on the Internet. But as I grew into a seasoned and experienced flamer I got bored. Roasting a few trolls is fun when you get the hang of it but it never ends. There's always a new troll in the next forum thread and there's always a new thread.

It's fun every now and then to read a few threads in the forums I used to hang out in but the trolling and flaming I leave to others. The occasional blog comment troll I get occasionally I can leave alone. Well almost, I usually writes a flaming reply and when I have written all that needs to be said about the troll and his opinion I delete it and then I write something like " I don't feed trolls". A flamer turned diplomat, but there's a huge difference with debating some issue on an anonymous forum and having a blog with your own name on it.

And for the sake of old times: Bring it on!!! ;-)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'm not on the Internet

Due to some firewall updating where I'm currently at there are a number of pages I can't access right now. Pages like Facebook, MySpace, part of Aftonbladet(Swedish news site)... I have also problems publishing writings on pages with flash and autosave. I'm on the Internet but not all of it. But hopefully they will get it fixed soon. At least Blogger is working and I'll be out of here in 5 hours...