Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I got the idea to this post while I was doing my nightshift last night. I chose not to write it down then and you will understand why as you read further on.

As I have written before the world of the nightshift is a world of it's own in many ways. One of the more interesting aspects is the state of mind you are in while working at night. You are of course tired most of the time but there's a difference between being tired at night and being tired during the day. The difference is your state of mind.

Around 1-2 AM you get tired, sleepy tired but it usually blows over within an hour. At that point your social behavior constraints sort of a fade out. The person you have spent a lifetime at daytime pretending to be is gone and what is left is you, who is truly you. Writing a blog post or chatting on the Internet at this time could mean that you write too honestly, often bluntly honestly. It could be a good thing but it can also be bad.

The next phase happens around 4-5 AM. Your are still being honest but you start feeling exhaustedly tired and this is the point where you enter the dreamworld. You know when you had a strange dream and are waking up and the thought pattern that was created in your mind as a response to your strange dream is still fresh in your memory as you become awake. This is similar, but you are awake and you are not dreaming. You function normally, you do normal things and you can handle your job very well. But the mind goes off in a different direction.

You have strange thought patterns and emotions. Things you wouldn't think about or think in that way about at daytime. Your mind has gone weird. Your body is present and awake but your mind is living a life of it's own. I work alone at my nightshift which is probably a good thing because if you had someone to talk to during this time of night, you might have some really strange conversations.

If you have read some strange or even offensive blog post written by me, it was likely produced at around 5 AM by me at my night shift. It was me but it came from my dreamworld, a place not like the real world in daylight.

People have always performed their job well, the trouble with interacting with the real world usually doesn't happen before going of the nightshift in the parking lot. I call those troubles car problems. People haven't found their car among the 4-5 cars that are parked there the time people go of the nightshift or if they find it fail to understand how to start it. But once we get home and get some sleep we are back to normal when we wake up in the afternoon...