Thursday, April 29, 2010

We don't call ice cream ice cream anymore

The word for ice cream in Swedish is "glass". Unfortunately our daughter knows what glass is and she knows where the freezer is. So we have began talking about "jäätelö" instead. That's ice cream in Finnish. But I think she might be on to us so we might eventually have to begin talking about "ice cream". Being somewhat trilingual have it's benefits but at some point we might have to resort to code words...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Learning the art of photography

A few weeks ago I bought a new camera. Our old digital camera was of the tourist type of camera and our daughter managed to get hold of it and the battery hatch is now kept shut with duct tape. Nina's birthday is also coming up next week so it was definitely time for a new camera.

The camera I bought is a Nikon D3000. I have read trough the manual and I have taken some pictures. But I have realized that I need to sit down with the manual and the camera. Read trough a section of the manual and then try it out with the camera and then read another section and try it out. I have taken some really great pictures, far, far better then our old camera. But then there are a lot of crappy pictures. I realize that an SLR camera is a bit more complex and that I need to learn to master it if I intend to take those really great pictures.

So I'm slowly learning the art of photography picture by picture. It's spring here and soon nature will become green again and I'll have many opportunities to practice.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MySpace isn't Facebook isn't Blogspot

I think three of my top favorite out there are MySpace, Facebook and Blogspot. In a sort of way they are all social networking websites. Blogspot used to be a a dedicated blogging service but with Google Friend Connect and Followers it's slipping into the world of social networking.

MySpace and Facebook has been the most similar but they have never been the same. Similar interfaces and content but while Facebook had wrapped their users experience around the people you know MySpace's thing is cultural exchange.

Facebook's popularity has grown past MySpace's. But I think Facebook will never replace MySpace. They each have their own niche. MySpace blogging was also quite popular, for a while. Then most MySpace bloggers moved their blogs to Blogspot for various reasons.

I'm still at MySpace although I prefer communicating with my friends on Facebook and blogging at Blogspot. MySpace was everything for a few years until your grandma created a profile on Facebook and opened a blog at Blogspot. MySpace was and still is one of the biggest players out there but it is a tool for more artistically inclined people, people who like having a cool nick instead of their real name and well, trolls...