Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our psychedelic corner

You asked for pictures and here you got one of a very pregnant Nina(10 days left) and a corner full of wall stickers. Anyway the wallpaper as you see has a good color but after we moved the cabinet that used to be in that corner there where some cracks in the wallpaper.

We (Nina) had ordered the wall stickers you see to decorate the wall in our children's room. Putting them all in one corner seemed like a good idea. I would look stylish and conceal the cracks in the wallpaper. I think it look stylish, sort of.

However I have two objections. These wall stickers are made for children's rooms but if you look closer at them you begin to wonder how high the designer was when he/she designed them. My second objection is that putting them all in one corner is that it sort of look psychedelic. So now we have a psychedelic corner in our children's room =).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last night

I got my last night shift tonight. It's these days my girlfriend can give birth at any moment so being here all alone at work is a bit nervy. My workplace can never be unmanned so before I can leave I have to call someone and wake them up and get them here. So the plan is, she calls a cab, then she calls me and I go to the hospital when I'm able to leave.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Children's room

Since we are finished with redecorating the house, well the stairs are still undone but it’s no hurry with them, we moved all the stuff where it’s supposed to be. The baby is coming in early October so we made a children’s room.

Unfortunately the children’s rooms is popular among the dogs especially the cradle from 1848. We have caught two of the dogs sleeping in it and a yellow stain on the covering, yes a dog has peed in the cradle.

We are buying another pet gate on Monday. We have a pet gate to the entry hall, another to our new bedroom (future extra bedroom) and two baby gates not yet installed at the top and bottom of the stairs. Anyone interested in a dog or two?