Friday, August 27, 2010

Barefoot or why I'm not allowed in the kitchen

Right now I'm at work without shoes or socks. I'm barefooted and there's a good reason why I am. I think it was on Monday (but it could have been Sunday too) that we had some sticky leftovers in a pan and I decided to boil some water in it to get the rid of the sticky leftovers before I put it in the dishwasher. The sticky leftovers were soon seen floating in the boiling water. I turned off the kitchen stove and waited until the water had stopped boiling.

I then proceeded to pour out the hot water in the kitchen sink ( I always turn on the cold water tap when I do that, just in case). Unfortunately the pan was sort of full of hot water and I dropped some of my left big toe and it was hot enough to give me a singe. Let's just say that it's easier to use shoes and socks as little as possible right now. But I should be able to walk normally with shoes and socks next week.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's been a month

It's been a a month since I last updated this blog. A busy month in both good and bad ways. The twins are really keeping us busy. Fortunately  I only have to get up at 6 AM four mornings every third week because those nights before I get about four hours of sleep. And I really don' t get the sleep that I need after my night shifts but then again that's only four nights every third week too. That's the good way because in my mind children are the meaning of life. Whatever happens down the road they have profoundly changed your life in a positive manner forever.

But strange things happen in our world, call it karma or the will of (the) God(s) but sometimes when life is given to a family another life is taken. Four weeks and one day after the twins where born my mother passed away. We had the funeral last weekend and two weeks from now the twins are going to be baptized. I'm sorry for the fact that we really haven't had the time to mourn my mother. Her passing and funeral passed by in three weeks and now it's gone. We are now busy planning and arranging for our twins baptism. The birth-death phenomenon are quite common so people who have experienced that says that you will mourn when you have time to mourn, whether it's a year or three years from now.

In this gloomy mood it's only fitting to be in the beginning of the fall. The days are rainy and right now it's about 10 °C and it's in the middle of the day. But I like seasonal changes. The fall can be incredibly beathiful with all the red and yellow leaves and the brisk cold air always makes me feel so awake and alive.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of updates lately but I have a good excuse. Our twins(boy and girl) were born on July 5. Having twins are not easy and there were a few medical complications along the way. But everybody's home and doing fine right now.

This is my first day at work after my paternity leave so I finally ha time to write a blog post ;-)