Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Three Blogs

Earlier I have had several blogs in different places; one in Swedish and a couple of others for the occasional copy & paste, another one in English and finally one where I tried to write in Finnish. The last one usually got a few posts in English and Swedish and well almost nothing in Finnish.

Now this is what I like about blogger. You can have several blogs attached to your account. So now I got three blogs here, one in each of the languages I know. And they are all on the same page. I love it.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Under a waterfall

It didn’t rain between the midsts of July to the midst of August. As a result people haven’t had the need to mow their lawns and they are yellow. About 2 weeks ago the first rain in over a month came. It wasn’t much and either had the rain that has come since then been much. The lawns are still yellow.

Well going outside tonight is like walking in under a waterfall. It’s pouring down all the rain that didn’t show up earlier this summer.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Another night shift

Well it’s now night shit two out of four. I spent the day putting together my girlfriend’s new computer desk. It had a lot of shelves so it looks very nice were it sits in the corner now; it’s a corner type computer desk.

We also had time to visit the local market. Well it was fun to look at and you can always grab something to eat…

This isn't working

My intention with this blog was to write it in Finnish in order to improve my knowledge in the Finnish language. As you can see I have written several blogs in Finnish. Unfortunately they are very short; one sentence blogs. I simply do not have sufficient knowledge in Finnish to write a blog in Finnish. Writing blogs should be fun, writing a blog with the help of a dictionary and a grammar book isn’t fun. I’ll continue improving my knowledge in Finnish on Suomi24.

I’m also seriously thinking about only allowing bloggers to read my blog. One of the reasons why I started writing blogs was self therapeutic. I wrote about things I normally couldn’t speak to my irl friends about, well at least not sober. Nowadays everyone is on the internet and I suspect I have many readers I know irl but I don’t know who. My usual blogs are watched.

So it would be nice to have a blog that is read by people I don’t know and who can give good advice about things. My place on the internet where I can be myself without worrying what my next door neighbour will think. For the record, I’m normal…