Thursday, January 29, 2015

Winter is here

Well winter have been here a month but now we are getting snow on a a daily basis and not that overwhelming. Well some days we have rain. From an optimistic point of view that means less snow shoveling. It's not hat cold either so it's fun for the kids playing outside in the snow.

Friday, January 16, 2015

New name

You may have noticed I have changed the name of my blog. Yesterday I came up with the idea to specialize my blogs. The Finnish one would be about everyday stuff, a bit of everything so I can improve my Finnish langauge skills by learning new words and new grammar. I'm keeping that idea.

My Swedish blog would be about fitness, training and health. Great idea, I even changed the name of the blog to something more fitness oriented. I do came to realize  there's a lot of other stuff I want to write about too. And eventually I would run out of of fitness stuff to write about. Turning into a fitness blog sorts of constrict other things I want to write about. It is still a good idea so whenever I want to write about exercise and health it will happen in that blog, nowhere else.

The last idea was  my worst. Turning this one into a World of Warcraft blog. It's what I do with most of my free time when I'm not spending it with my family and I also write a lot about it on Facebook. Yes I did the World of Warcraft name change there too. And I probably would have run out of ideas to write about in a blog after a few posts. But part of that idea was good. When I write about World of Warcraft it will happen here.

As a result of this I changed the name of all my blogs to the same name, exactly the same name in 3 languages. They are now more streamlined and similar than they have ever been, because I tried to diverse them. Calling them Nordic also gives a broader view on things, less local, more regional.  Hmm did that sound too much like a politician? Doesn't matter really, it's my blog.

Monday, January 05, 2015

A healthier life

Yes this is New Year's resolutions time. And a few of them actually started the later part of last year. So these were not invented on New Years Eve. First of all I hired a gym card at the local gym. From 15th December to 18th January. Working well so far. I'm not sure if I will seek a permanent  membership but so far I like going there.

Another thing with living a healthier life is eating healthy. That is not an issue really except eating too much of the healthy food. So being more strict with the meal schedule have to be imposed. That is not always possible with 3 kids and shift work but I'll try when I can.

And the last thing for this blog post. My bloggers block. Having goals and a schedule is important when you want to achieve something. That goes for training, eating, blogging and many other things in life. Aim high but be realistic. Aim to high and you will quit. Be all realistic and aim too low and you won't change anything. But I want change so this is how I will bring change to my blogs. One blog post per every 10 day period for mu blog in English AND for my blog in Swedish. So that is 3 blog posts per month for this blog. If you read my Swedish blog you will find 3 blog posts there too. I also intend to improve my Finnish language skills this year so there I will try to post at least 1 blog post per day. I know it's not always possible but learning a language that is so different from your own mother tongue requires time and dedication.