Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's summer

I guess I've been sort of lazy lately with my blog. But here I am again and it's summer. I have mowed the lawn twice, well almost, actually it's more like 1.5 times, tomorrow it will be done twice, if it doesn't rain. I'm doing my second evening shift out of four so that means I don't get much done at home.

Mirelle has started taken interest in our media center so my Xbox has no longer any gamepads attached to it. No she doesn't crawl yet. She rolls (and she's good at it) to where she want to go. That's not a good thing according to the current charts and flows the people at the child welfare center have. Notice I used the word current, I know of parents who have had their child referred to a child specialist at university hospital the same day because his/her growth/development didn't follow the new chart but was perfectly fine according to the old chart which was still in use the week before. And here's come the big surprise, the child specialist told the parents their child was perfectly fine.

I do realize that these people are professionals. I appreciate that they look out for medical problems in our kids since we aren't trained to see those problems but sometimes they bury themselves in their flows and charts and forget about reality. We parents actually meet and our kids meet, we see that they develop independently at their own pace in their own way. So if you have a kid that has actually followed the chart, all charts please make a comment, your child is the eighth wonder of the world and we will worship him/her. I'm not trying to be sacrilegious, I'm just convinced that such a child do not exist. Or about as plausible as when the first men land on Mars they will be met by a flock of sheep with bells around their necks and goes "Bah! Bah!! Bah!!!".

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Stop the mass physocosis

Make no mistake, having the flu can be the last thing you have, especially if your immune system is not what it's supposed to be. Annually around 250 000 to 500 000 people die from having the flu. 36 000 of those deaths happen in the USA. To put it in perspective, each day 700 to 1400 people around the world and 100 of those die in the USA die from having the flu and each day means every day, even on Sundays. So can someone please explain to me why 17 deaths caused by the swine flu during the course of 9 days make it such a dangerous pandemic? There are two flu seasons each year so most deaths caused by the regular flu occur during those, but statically seen around 10 000 people should have died from the regular flu during those 9 days.

The swine flu is real and it is deadly as every flu that comes twice a year, every year. But it's no more or less lethal than last years flu, actually less so far. But the tabloid press have owners who actually want to earn money and what better way to sell newspapers than exploit our fears?