Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have now figured out how my broken camera works. When I take a picture it focuses on the closest thing within the picture frame. Lets say I'm taking a picture of a person. Well the person stands on a floor. So the camera focuses on the floor that is in front of the person and in the lowest part of the picture frame. The person in the picture becomes blurry. This means I can take pictures with my camera, but there can't be ANYTHING inside the picture frame between the camera and the object which I'm picturing.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Different shades of grey

This is a piece of writing I've been thinking about writing for a while but I haven't gotten around to it until now. So here it goes.

Many people see the world in black or white, good or evil, winners or losers and so on. I don't, in my view it's all different shades of grey. I believe everything happens for a reason, there's an explanation to everything and if there is none then no explanation has been given or you do not understand the explanation.

Why people choose to see the world in black or white may have different reasons. Some see it as an easier way to view life; it gets too complex to get down to every detail. Some may truly believe that there is nothing in between good and evil; I call this the fanatic approach. In my understanding these people keep a sort of score list. If you do this you are good and their best friend, but if you do that then you are suddenly on the bad guys list and are avoided like the plague. That's what scares me; they don't se life as it is, instead the put people and things in two boxes. And they don't see the flaws of the things and people in "the good box" or the good qualities in "the evil box".

In my view there is nothing evil that doesn't bring a bit of good and vice versa and everything in there between. One of the more interesting things I've read is a comparison of two unknown people and you are being given their qualities and asked which person you would hire for an important job. The first one doesn't drink or smoke. He's a vegetarian, somewhat of a workaholic and loves dogs. The second one drinks large quantities of whiskey every day and it starts at breakfast. Well most of us would hire the first one but it's then revealed that the first one is Adolf Hitler who tried to bring evil into this world and the second person is Winston Churchill who stopped him.

People do what they do for different reasons. But what remains the same even among insane people is the sense of reasoning. It's the sense of perception that has been altered. Either they are born like that or some significant event has made them see reality in an altered way. Difficult people, racists, killers and crazy people have all a different degree of altered perception of the world. There is no excuse for the evil things they do but there is a reason that can be understood, even insanity. If you saw how the world was being taken over by demons that where out to get you what would you do? You would probably try to kill the demons. Now we "normal" people now that this isn't happening but that is how an insane person see the world and reacts to it. The same way we normal people would react if we saw the world in the same way they do. The sense of reasoning is always intact and everything can be explained trough it.

And then we have the "Mother Theresa"-type of people. They dedicate their lives to do good. I would bet a lot on that some of them do all that good for the fame and glory instead of the kindness of their good hearts. I believe that there are people out there with truly good hearts but not all that look and sound like ducks are actually ducks. There is always going to be a few flaws in the personalities of good people, even among saints.

So my conclusion is, there are no black and white, only different shades of grey. So try to see the world as it is, not what you think it is…

Sunday, October 21, 2007

2 out of 4

I’m doing my 2nd evening shift out of 4. It’s a cold misty fall day. All grey and wet. But I like it somehow. It’s a sign of changing seasons, moving from fall to winter. The world feel silent ant that holds a beauty of its own.

We where to a dog show in Seinäjoki before I went to work. We brought three dogs and although we didn’t bring home ant prize bowls all three dogs did well. One ended second in her class so it was a good show day. At first when we started going to dog shows I didn’t think that they where that exciting. But I have begun to like them more and more. Well that might have something to do with the fact that our dogs have started getting better results. It’s more exiting when there is actually a bit of competition.

But it’s also a social event. You get up early in the morning and you drive halfway across the country (well Seinäjoki is only 80 kilometres away) and meet all these people (and dogs) with the same interest. And our dogs get to meet a lot of other dogs so it’s exciting for them too…

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last night shift

I got my last night shift before 10 days off...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

2 out of 4

I'm doing my 2nd night shift out of 4. It's a rainy night; I suppose it will be a calm night. Tomorrow if it's not raining we will build the last part of the dog fence, well the wooden part. All I got to do after is install the wire fence underneath the wooden part towards the road. After that we can let the dogs run on the yard.

I should also visit my mom this week; I didn't have time last week. I worked the morning shift Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday to Friday we where on a course from work. Yesterday we where to a dog show in Oulunsalo and one of our dogs won her class =). Today was busy day to with picking up one of our dogs from my girlfriend's parents. One of the dogs that we brought to the dog show is placed on breeding terms and "her family" picked her up. We also did some unpacking at the house.

I'm also going to help my aunt's husband with some electrical work, he finally got electrical power to his summer cottage and we are going to hang up the cable on poles.

After my night shifts ends I got 10 days off =).