Friday, October 30, 2009

Bone marrow

I think we have seen too many episodes of "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations". In yesterday's episode when he and his chef buddies where having bone marrow as desert and they described how delicious it was, we actually bought it. The thought of eating bone marrow started to feel tempting. Normally I think a few of the things he eats is not something I would eat but bone marrow actually sounds delicious in a weird way.

So one of the items on todays shopping list was a chunk of meat with large piece of bone in it containing a fairly big piece of bone marrow. So sometime during this weekend we'll be eating bone marrow.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The perfect housewife

We saw a television show called "The perfect housewife" it's actually a whole series but we will not be watching more than the 10 minutes it took me to realize that I hate that woman, the perfect housewife. Nina hated her after 5 minutes but I imagined for 5 more minutes that you could actually learn something from that show.

The show is about a perfect housewife that comes into people who are having a hard time keeping their home in an interior design magazine shape. So the woman in questions gives them advice about everything, how to wash vases with rice inside, how important it it to keep the dish washing water at 45 C and to use cold water for the last part of the rinsing to keep the water from vaporising to fast from the drying dishes and couple of hundred other advices on how to keep the perfect home.

You know when you have a perfect home you're not having fun anymore. All your time goes to doing the perfect home and the people around you aren't allowed to touch anything. Remember this, the day we have the perfect home there's probably something that has gone terribly wrong...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Winter tires

It's been below freezing point now and then the last few weeks but when I left work this morning two cars was standing at the side of the road 50 meters past the driveway to my work. It looked like the owners where arguing. That was the sign I've been looking for, the sign that it's time to change from summer tires or just tires if you live somewhere where it never snows to winter tires.

The roads where icy this morning so the fender bender outside my work was not the only one involving people who where still driving with summer tires. Three cars skidded off the motorway and the local police advised people on the local newspaper's website to change their tires immediately if they haven't already done so (they used those exact words).

Winter tires are tires that have metal studs and are marked M+S or M&S which stands for Mud and Snow. I've changed the tires on Nina's car tonight (I'm driving it to and from work tonight) and tomorrow I'm changing the tires on my car. They make more noise than summer tires due to the metal studs and the M&S profile compared to summer tires that are made for AC roads. It's only about 6 months until I can change back to summer tires...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm writing a blog in Finnish or rather I should be writing a blog in Finnish. It's there but I'm not updating very often. It's there mainly for the sake of practice. However I checked out Google's translation program and it's a lot better than the last time I checked it out. Last time the translations was outright hilarious. Now you can actually use Google Translate and get a fairly serious result.

It's a bit like cheating. I'm not really practicing writing in Finnish. I'm using a translation program. I get a few blog posts in Finnish and I get to see how it's written correctly. It's not as effective as working out the grammar with every word an sentence but it's small steps. It's better than not writing a blog at all. Google rocks...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Travel report

If have realizes that I'm not good at writing traveling reports. To write down a week of new experiences from places which sometimes can be called paradise is difficult. I usually find it overwhelming.

I wouldn't call Turkey paradise but I can definitely recommend it to anyone. It was clean, the people are friendly and the sun was shining. I can see myself visiting Turkey again...

Monday, October 05, 2009

Next stop Turkey

As the temperature here slowly gets closer to the point where water turns into ice it's time to head south for a week. So if you wonder why I'm not updating my blog or commenting yours it's because I'm on a beach in Alanya, Turkey. More likely sightseeing but however the weather will be warm =)

Sunday, October 04, 2009


One of the things I like about blogging here at Blogger is the lack of drama. Most of us who have blogged at a social networking community have probably not escaped the drama. If not part of it yourself you have most likely witnessed it. Those participating in it like to call it blog wars or something like "the most important issue ever debated on the Internet and I'm RIGHT". I like to call it sandbox fighting because of the three year old attitude of the participants and the most important issue ever debated on the Internet is about as important as what a couple of three year old kids are fighting about in a sandbox, seriously.

I'm not saying that there isn't drama here, there probably is somewhere. I think the reason why is that on a dedicated blogging site you do not get points for who many friends you got or how active you are at that site. There's nothing to prove here except telling a good story and talking about it in a civilized way...