Monday, April 13, 2009

The second evening

Here I am again, spending my second evening shift at work. It's Easter and everyone seem to be celebrating Easter. Yesterday was warm and sunny while today has gone towards the cold and rainy type of weather. but it could be worse, it could still be snowing. This is the spring and the winter is raining away =)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blogging isn't what it used to be

I must admit that blogging isn't what it used to be. I like blogging, unfortunately more and more people seems to have stopped blogging and moved over to Facebook. Nothing wrong with that, most of my irl friends and other people I know are there and it's nice to see the these little status updates about what they are doing in their life.

BUT and it's a big but, the things you write in your blog you can NEVER put out on Facebook. I'm really not that weird but in company of friends you play a role, you are the person you always been in their eyes. You may have evolved light years during the last 10-15 years but to them you will always be the person they grew up with. And in a sense I still am but there are other sides of me that they know very little about and that I can express freely trough a blog.

When I write and mean truly write from the hearth I'm good at this. I can write without my hearth present and my long time readers can easily tell the difference. I think that in the beginning most of my blog posts where from the hearth but as each post got written my matters of my hearth got told and there where no point in rewriting them again.

So in order to be a productive blogger I wrote about mundane things, again, nothing wrong with that, it's just boring and without emotion. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good neither. Stephen King once said that productive writers doesn't wait for inspiration, they get up every morning and start writing. He knows how to write without inspiration or maybe he never lost it although he claims he doesn't need it. I read most of his books and he's good, really good.

But I don't compare myself to a literally giant like Mr King. I need inspiration from the hearth in order to write to you, for you. I can write without it but it lacks that thing that separates the bad posts from the good posts, inspiration.

I'm back

Well my month vacation is over and I'm back at work doing my first evening shift. Back in virtual reality =). Anyway I got some work done around the house, mainly making the stairs child safe, well almost, but it actually looks nice from downstairs.

My mother has moved from her apartment at a retirement home to a nursing home. We tried to get her to a nursing home closer to where we live but since Närpes municipality, her home of residence, had free beds and Korsholm municipality, where we tried to move her, didn't have free beds and Närpes had to pay for her first 6 months in Korsholm (I was told it costs 200-300 € per day) and the district taxation registrar who both municipalities tried to refer didn't have any decisive power in the matter and it was finally up to the two municipalities to agree over the matter, which they didn't, it means it's a one hour trip to to go and visit mom. To top all that off the social worker responsible for the elderly care in Korsholm had a week vacation when I tried to contact her and the same goes for the district taxation registrar and us spending a week in Stockholm, Sweden somewhere in between. It meant a lot of phone calls back and forth for the sake of finding out that it didn't work.

But on the goos side is that her nursing home felt nice and warm and the staff seems caring. Because in the end it's how my mom likes it that is the most important thing and she seems to like it, not how far we have to drive to visit her.