Sunday, March 30, 2008

Summer time

It’s summer time or more officially called daylight saving time. In Swedish and British English it’s called summer time (sommartid in Swedish). It’s a bit troublesome to adjust the clocks twice a year but when we enter summer time it improves people’s mood. The evenings are brighter and longer and it’s sort of a “the spring is here”-signal.

This is my third evening shift out of four. The weather is windy but warm. That means that the effects of what was called “this winter’s worst blizzard” by MTV3 uutiset earlier this week are quickly melting away. The spring is here .

Saturday, March 29, 2008

2 out of 4

I'm doing my second evening shift out of four. On Monday we got four puppies. They are gaining weight so everything seems alright so far =).

Friday, March 21, 2008

Small update

I've changed the template of this blog and I can't live without a Swedish and a Finnish blog on Blogspot ;-). They got new templetates too and I've made a few changes with the links. I know I'm crazy and I cant make up my mind ;-).

I'm doing my last night shift out of four so after tomorrow morning I got 6 days off =).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 out of 4

I'm doing my second night shift out of four. The spring was well on it's way, until it got cold and started snowing again. Well the nights are cold, it's snows in the mornings and it melts in the afternoon and when the sun sets in the evening the temperature drops. It's spring time Finnish style.

The joy of blogging

I'm down to one blog here at Blogspot... again. The one I left is the one in English. I'm still blogging in Swedish and Finnish elsewhere, you can actually find the links to the right under "My blogs". They are on blog sites that are smaller, sites that are aimed at selected crowds, the people that visit those sites on a regular basis. They are more of web communities than pure blog sites which mean it's easier to get readers. It also means that I write for those sites and the people there, not more generally which I have done here on Blogspot.

Anyway if I stick to one blog it's more fun. I don't have to think about how I should translate this or what language I should write that post in and so on. If I can stick to this one and write in English only, I should be more creative because it's fun and maintain and improve my knowledge of the English language. I have done this before but I have other blogs in other languages. That should tempt me from creating another set of blogs here on Blogspot. This is it.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Facebook account

You can't terminate your Facebook account, or you can if you start mailing with the administration and they grow tired if you and terminate it. What you can do is deactivate it. Deactivation in the Facebook realm means that your profile is still up and the next time you log in it's activated again. I think it says somewhere on your profile that's it deactivated. You can check in but you can never leave.

What I now wonder about is if your account is removed by the administration, do they terminate it? I mean in that case my FB profile could turn rather ugly ;-). Yes I'm seriously Facebored =).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

45 minutes

I got 45 minutes left at work. I'm doing my third morning shift out of four. Exciting, huh? ;-)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

New glasses

Since I have noticed that my vision has deteriorated it was time to get new glasses. On Specsavers they had a two glasses for the price of one. I ordered one normal pair of glasses and one pair of sunglasses. My old glasses where the kind that darkened when exposed to sunlight and certain indoor lightning.

They phoned on Monday that my new glasses where ready and I picked them up yesterday. I'm still getting accustomed to them. The lenses cower a wider area to the sides but downward vision is lesser than my old ones. The eyes also have to adjust themselves to my new lens strength, I haven't gotten a headache but I can feel it lurking around.

The nice thing about glasses is that you also get a new look, hopefully for the better =).

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Facebored II

This one is funny =)

All you can eat

Today we were at my cousin’s youngest son’s confirmation. After the church ceremony they had arranged an all you can eat lunch buffet at the Swedish university in town. Not only that it was really good food too. It’s been 4 hours since then and I’m still full. Did I mention that they had a good cake too ;-P.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Back at work

I'm back at work, life goes on...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I will not mention Facebook in this blog again. Will at least not any more today. I'm Facebored, I think Facebook is boring

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

To my Facebook viewers

So here I am again with a new blog feed reader called "Simply RSS". It was fairly easy to install. The settings were straightforward. I do however have one complaint. The settings can't be changed after you have set them up the first time. I got them right and I'm not planning on changing anything but it's a small problem. Anyway, enjoy my blogs...

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A few thoughts about Facebook...again

Facebook may be a social networking website but it's not like the other SNW:s I've seen. It's appeal is that everyone's got a profile on Facebook. So you can add all the people you went to high school with. It' s great to exchange a few words with people you haven't spoken to in 15 years. However there are not an infinite number of people you know or have known. When you have added all those people and exchanged "What have you done the last 15 years?" and "I'll look forward to hearing from you again sometime" with them a problem occur. Facebook is really not about meeting new people. You add the ones you already know, work with or are related too. It's like an advanced mailing list and once it's filled with all the people you know it's done, it's over and you start doing something else online.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Shopping spree

Today we went shopping to Seinäjoki and unlike yesterday when we weren't shopping and did shop a lot we didn't shop very much today. We were mainly window shopping. How many times can you use the words shop and shopping in one sentence?

Other than that I'm doing my fourth and last night shift for this week. I'll have a few days off until some work training on Wednesday.