Friday, February 29, 2008

Our weekly shopping

We were having a boring evening and decided to go by the supermarket. We were out of carbonized bottle water and ketchup. So the supermarket visit were simply a way to kill time and spend a few euros on ketchup and sparkling water. That was the idea, but they had grinded meat in 400 gram packages for 1 €. We bought ten of those, that makes it 4 kg of grinded meat.

At that point we realized that we where doing our weekly shopping tour. You know when you buy enough groceries to live trough the next ice age, well at least next week. So we bought the rest too, vegetables, fruits, yogurt... This is what happens when we go "window"-shopping.

1 hour

My second night shift is coming to an end. I got one hour left before I go home and get some sleep.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

37 inches

So we got ourselves a new TV. The old TV is a 28 inch TV. We moved that to the extra bedroom. There is nothing wrong with it but since we are both wearing glasses there where some trouble seeing the subtitles across the living room. So we where left with two choices, place the sofa in the middle of the living room or get a larger TV. So we bought a 37 inch TV. The old one also had the old 4:3 format while most TV broadcast today are in the 16:9 format. So it was a good choice.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Night

Here I am again, at work. I’m doing my first night shift out of four. It’s snowing outside but it’s not that cold. It will probably be a calm night…

Outside view

This is a picture taken with my webcam of the world outside our "office" window. It's snowing today =). The tree in front should be an oak tree. It's easier to tell in the summer when it's got leaves =).

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The house

Due to popular demand I found a picture of our house taken a few weeks ago on my gf:s photobucket page =).


The key to writing a good blog post is going with the flow of inspiration. You can write an average blog post but just telling people how your day was because you did the same thing yesterday. It’s a habit. But if you want to give your blog post that little extra you need inspiration. When you go trough life, keep in the mind what of the things that happen to you everyday might make a good blog post. It might be a sad story, it might be something funny. But when you are starting to draw up the lines for your next blog post in your mind the moment it happens you’ve got inspiration. Find a computer, log into your blog and start writing =).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Forest Lake

Today is a very beautiful day. The sun is shining from a clear sky, a few centimetres of snow fell last night and the temperature is around 0 °C. Although I have arrived at work and I’m doing my first evening shift out of four we had time for a dog walk before I left for work. There are a few small lakes in the forest around where we live. So we went into the forest and once we where out of the populated area we let the dogs run free, except the hound mix Ella. She runs too far and can be quite jumpy when we meet other people.

The lake we went to is called “Byträsket” literally “The Village Swamp”. It’s far more beautiful than its name suggests. Although it’s been a mild winter there were snowmobile tracks on the lakes surface, suggesting that the ice was thick enough to walk on. And it was, we also met another guy walking his dog on the lake. We should have brought the camera with us because it was beautiful out there today…

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The latest...

Well, the house project is going forward. Our toilet should be ready this week (new cabinet) and the prefabricated fireplace was delivered a few days ago. We are waiting for them to come and install it...

Saturday, February 09, 2008


So many blogs so little time.I know I should try to write more in my other blogs. But I think it's a quality over quantity thing. If i don't write everywhere the things I actually write becomes better. That's the idea. Or maybe I should stay off Facebook and stick to blogging instead. Blogging is about producing stuff and reading and evaluating what other people have produced. That is creativity. Facebook mails me if some long lost friend have found me. Otherwise there's really not much to do there...

2 out of 4

I'm doing my second night shift out of four. I also got my hair cut yesterday. It’s been 2,5 months since last time so it was about time. That’s it…

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The weather

The weather is a great thing to blog about when you got nothing else to blog about. Well I have other things to blog about but certain things I would like to keep to myself. Don’t worry, it’s great stuff. A blog is sort of an announcement board. Everything that is written here becomes public knowledge and that can have its drawbacks.

But let’s go back to the weather. It’s been snowing all night and it’s still snowing heavily. There is a strong wind but I wouldn’t call it a blizzard. I haven’t really gone outside to check out if it feels like a blizzard out there. I don’t feel like it. Anyway it’s expected to snow all day and the sky should become clear in the early evening. That means I’ll be shovelling snow when I get home from work…

Saturday, February 02, 2008

1 out of 4

I'm doing my first morning shift out of four...