Monday, January 21, 2013

First Impression

I logged into the new Myspace and whatever the old Myspace was it's gone. Including your old blog posts, messages and friends. This is a whole new website. Facebook is THE social network and the new Myspace is no longer trying to be that. Instead it focuses on artists and creative people. I haven really gotten into it yet but I could be quite interesting.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Backyard ice rink

About 3 months ago I stated on this blog that I'm blogging again. I wrote one post after that. Well her I am again. Maybe I should write more and think less. It's really not that difficult, shouldn't be ;-).

Anyway I'm making backyard ice rink. Or it's really it's not that difficult. I just bring out the water hose and stand there for a while every evening or whenever I'm at home not doing anything else. After the last snowfall I used the hose without the the shower head and that caused a bumpy ice. Otherwise it would be ready now. Well it's my first ice so mistakes is a part of the process.

Anyway tonight when I get home from work I will remove the bumps with a shovel and spray on one last layer of water and it should be perfect on Saturday. I'm working most of the weekend and my wife is away on a training/health/exercise weekend. So parents-in-law will take care of the kids on Saturday at our house and have an ice rink 10 m away from the front door.