Thursday, November 26, 2009

How long have you've been working here?

I saw an episode of Globe Trekker (called Pilot Guides in certain countries) last night about New York City. I'd like to visit The Big Apple someday but that's not what I found fascinating about the episode. The fascinating thing was the interview with the oldest stock broker in the world. He was 94 years old and he started working on Wall Street in 1927, yes 1927, he's been working there for over 80 years. I found a CBS video of an interview made with him in 2008 so if he's still alive and working he is 95 by now.

Most people don't make it until 80 and this guy have worked at Wall Street that long. He have truly seen it all, the rise and fall of the world economy more than once. He's been there in it's darkest hour and in it's finest hour. There are certain traits I admire in the older generations and he's got them...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Changes that doesn't affect you

I have moved my Swedish and Finnish blogs away from Blogspot to a WordPress based blog and WordPress in that order. For the simple reason of generating more readers for those specific blogs and to evolve my blogging. Wordpress has high learning curve but if you spend a few days with it you will learn it and find it very rewarding. I mean some of the not so skilled bloggers in computers on the Wordpress based blog site which used to be a homebuilt blog site managed to make the transit within a week when they switched from homebuilt to WordPress. If they can do it, anyone can.

This blog however is going nowhere. I have my readers here =). I actually like Blogger more, for its user friendliness, its large user base, its popularity and that has something to offer evry blogger out there, novices and professionals alike.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need to blog

I looked at my blog and I noticed that my last post was written on the 1st of November. It's time for another post with or without inspiration. The days go bye so fast that don't noticed that you haven't written anything in the last 2-3 weeks. We can blame that mainly on the 10 days vacation I got from work that ended 3 hours ago. I'm back at work, doing my first evening shift out of four.

I've also noticed that it's easy to miss appointments when you're on vacation. I usually don't check my calendar when I'm not working which is a minimum of every third week. So the people reading this, do not make appointments with me off work, months in advance. I can almost guarantee that I will forget it and that I will probably have no idea why you are calling and wondering where I am when you are there and I'm not, until I look in my calender, "Oh, look there's an appointment in my calender. I'm sorry, I'm in Sweden right now. But no worries, I'll be home next week".

I haven't missed or forgotten a day of work in my entire life...

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Butter of the Gods

In my last blog post I wrote about us wanting to have bone marrow after seeing an episode of "Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations" and how we bought a chunk of meat containing bone marrow on Friday.

Today was the big day, eating that chunk of meat with the bone marrow. I barbecued it and Nina made some salad and cream potatoes. After it was done we got ourselves a couple of teaspoons and separated the bone from the meat. You know there are certain things that when you eat them for the very first time you know it's like love at first sight or taste in this case. It's like there has been a part missing from your life and now you've finally found it and you can't continue living without it.

Anthony Bourdain called it "Butter of the Gods" and I totally agree with him. I can't emphasize enough how good it was. The closest thing to it's taste and structure that I have eaten before is snails in garlic butter. It's a dish that has to be experienced if you like the good things in life because after that there is no turning back.

A warning thou, do not eat too much of it at a time, the cholesterol kick will probably kill you then ;-P.