Saturday, April 02, 2011

Did I write that????

I've been going over some of my old blog posts and I have come to realize that I'm actually quite good at English or rather was when I was writing a blog post every second day, back in 2007. Nowadays my updates are somewhat less frequent, last year I wrote a blog post every second week.

I'm amazed how good my English was and I used quite complex sentences and grammar back in 2007. I must admit that it's not only the lack of inspiration and three children that is stopping me from updating more often. When it comes to the English language I'm very self critical. I don't want my post to look like a press conference with Mika Häkkinen. "How do you feel about the weather out there today on the track?"; "Yes!" Actually Häkkinen is quite good at English, I guess he didn't like press conferences. I want my posts to look like they were written by someone fluent in English or not posted at all. English is the lingua franca of our time and I think it's a very important language to know, even call it a sign of intelligence to know it.

Experience is very important when it comes to knowledge. Experience gives you the freedom to let your mind concentrate on more complex things while your fingers press the buttons on your keyboard to form a grammatically correct text automatically, expressing your ideas and thoughts in manner that they might even inspire others. That is knowing a language and I need experience to shine.