Sunday, July 27, 2008


It's finally summer. The sun is shining and the temperature is just above 20 C. According to the weather report this weather will continue for the next few weeks =).

Warm and sunny weather means that I can paint the dog fence. It rained most of July up until this week and painting wet wood is not a good idea. We borrowed an air compressor from my father-in-law which means that I can spray paint the fence in a couple of days which would have taken weeks with a brush. Anyway I ran out of paint yesterday with about 3/4 of the fence painted so today we bought another can of paint. When it's painted I'll do a second coating as long as the new can of paint lasts.

The reason I'm not out their painting right now is that I'm doing my second evening shift. Two more to go before I get one day off...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mamma Mia!

It's my last night shift before my 6 days off. We are actually having summer weather here right now. The temperature is around and above 20 C during the day and there's a bit of sunshine and a few rain showers every now and then. It's nice =).

Earlier this evening we were at the movies and we saw "Mamma Mia!". It's sort of a musical movie with a lot of great actors and a lot of Abba songs. However I have one complaint. Pierce Brosnan is a great actor and he performs his role in the movie very well . But this is a musical movie and singing is not one of his best qualities. The final verdict is that I liked the movie and I would recommend anyone to see it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Last evening shift

I'm doing my last evening shift out of four. Tomorrow is my day off which means that I'll spend part of it renovating our home. Well it's not actually much left, one room to change the wallpaper in and make a staircase child safe. I'm still removing the old wallpaper. There are at least three layers of wallpaper, partly removed and layers of putty here and there in between. I understand why people only remove the outer layer of wallpaper and repair dents with putty because it's a lot of job to remove the old wallpaper entirely before putting up new wallpaper.

When I (we) have removed the old wallpaper, which will be sometime around next week I'll fill the dents and the gaps between the actual wallboards, not the old wallpaper which will all be in the garbage can outside. A layer of paint and a bit of grinding and after that comes the easiest part of the work, putting up new wallpaper.

Apart from playing Mr. Handyman we are going to a concert tomorrow and my mom's elderly home is on the way so we'll stop for a short visit there too.

Friday morning I'm going back to work, my first morning shift out of four starts 7:00.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Home sweet home

Milan was fun, in a different way. It's not a tourist city. It's for business and shopping ann shopping in Milan is very expensive. Fortunately there was an outlet store about 100 km south of Milan. There were daily bus tours from Milan and on Thursday we took that tour. I'm not lying when I say that the prices where about half of what they are at home and compared to Milan extremely cheap. And you fit right in walking into a Prada store with the other tourists wearing shorts, sandals and brightly colored shirts. I actually felt well dressed, wearing black Levi's jeans and shoes and a semi white t-shirt.

I have one complaint about Milan though. The weather was hot and humid. With an afternoon temperature of 30-32 C it was difficult to be outside.

We're now back home. The temperature outside is 10 C, there's a chilly wind and it will probably start raining any minute now. I love it, it's absolutely wonderful, a cold Finnish summer day.