Monday, July 27, 2009

Magic mornings

My vacation starts in a week and I almost think it's the wrong time but only almost. You see now begins the time of the year when early mornings are foggy, quiet and a bit chilly. I have 2 morning shifts and 4 night shifts left so I'll still get to see few magic mornings. When I return to work in late August there's still a month worth of magic mornings.

An early morning in late summer or early fall brings a kind of weather I find beautiful beyond words. The temperature is just a few degrees above freezing point, there's a dense fog covering the ground and everything is wet. It's also very quiet, you can hear everything from miles away but everyone who's awake at that time are quiet admiring the same silence you are admiring. You can also see the sun just starting to rise above the horizon.

It is at that moment when the sun lights up the dense fog just before that same sun light starts clearing the fog I feel more alive and awake than ever before and it's also in that moment I feel absolute peace with myself and the world. It's that moment in my life I wish could last forever. It's magic...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

3 out of 4

I'm doing my third evening shift out of four. We actually did some biking in the early afternoon. Maybe 6-7 kilometers and a stop at the beach. It was warm but somewhat cloudy so Mirelle didn't get too much sun...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open minded

Our world can be a strange place sometimes. People who believe in things out of the ordinary often tell people who don't believe that they should keep an open mind. What the believers is telling the realists in reality is that they should believe too. Because when you keep an open mind you are also open to the possibility that the strange phenomena you have just seen is something completely normal or that the story you've heard from someone who claimed to have seen a strange phenomena are nothing but lies. That is what called having an open mind, not believing anything out of the ordinary you see, hear or read about, that is called gullible.

I would call myself an open minded realist. I need to see to believe. I'm an agnostic. I have seen and heard strange phenomenas, most of which could be explained and a few that I'll never know if it was for real or just something completely normal. And one that defies all known laws of physics. I've heard and read even more stories. Some by serious people that can be taken seriously and that I more or less believe in. Then there are a number of stories told by people I just wanted to say to but I have resisted the temptation so far: "You know that LSD stuff you're taking isn't good for you. It's like you're living in a fantasy world. If you can't stay off the drugs you should stick to ganja, it just makes you mellow." ;-)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

9 months

It's been 6 days since I last wrote something in this blog. I've been quite active in my Swedish blog in the last few so it's about time I turn my attention here. Anyways yesterday Mirelle turned 9 months old and she's too young to have a cake but she sort of solved that problem herself. Apparently one of the dogs had decided to take a dump inside when we where gone because we changed the dog food this week and some dogs have sensitive stomachs. I cleaned it up but I had missed some that was under the stairs. Guess who found it? Our 9 month old daughter and by the look on her face she thought it was yummy. We didn't think it was yummy.

After a quick clean up and change of clothes I googled on the subject and basically every kid out there have at some point eaten shit. Cat shit, dog shit, their own shit or all of them. I didn't find any testimony that any child ever had become sick or ill due to consumed shit. But I did find some advice that if her stomach becomes upset, probably in the form of a light diarrhea it would be a good idea the avoid wholegrain gruel and stick to corn gruel as long as her stomach is upset. So no visit to the emergency room this time.

Friday, July 03, 2009


I've been a lazy blogger lately. I think it's because it's summer right now =).