Thursday, August 28, 2014


I finally got into Bloggers own Reading list setting and deleted every blog I have been following. I've been trying to get get my hands on that settings page for over a year and I finally got in and deleted everything. No worries though, all of you who are reading this have been moved over to Feedly or Google+, or will be shortly, so I'm still reading all of your blogs.

For some time you have been able to add blogs to the reading list but not remove them as you can only do from the settings page which you haven't been able to reach. And even before that it worked really badly. Blogs you added could be removed after a couple of weeks all by themselves and blogs you removed could be added  after a couple of weeks all by themselves. The removing or adding of a blog required something between 3-5 attempts during a course of 2-4 months. This was as good as it got.

I had blogs there going back close to a decade and a large part of those bloggers are no longer blogging for various reasons. There were also people there who I had no idea who they were and/or the had actually deleted their own blogs. Time to go.

But since then both Google Reader and Google Friend Connect has been discontinued. Blogger Reading list was built on those two platforms so it has sort of become this appendix that well, doesn't really work or have any use but still hangs around. Google+ is what you work trough now if you go all Google. I love Google+, it's better than Facebook, but not all of the blogs I read are on Blogger. Some use Wordpress and other platforms so this is were Feedly comes in and it works great.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Writing season

I know I have periods when I write less. I also have periods when I write more. That also goes for blog commenting. I always read blogs, all the time. But sometimes I feel like I have nothing to add to the blog by commenting it.

Lately I have been really drawn towards blogging again. I realize I need to change the style of blogging. Back in the old days I used to think of something, sit down and blog about it. With a family that doesn't happen often. Yes I still get several ideas daily for a great blog post but it's all forgotten once I sit down in front of a computer. So shorter blogs on my phone this one is written on my phone and it's tedious) and longer posts, somewhat planned ahead, when I know I have the time.