Friday, January 16, 2015

New name

You may have noticed I have changed the name of my blog. Yesterday I came up with the idea to specialize my blogs. The Finnish one would be about everyday stuff, a bit of everything so I can improve my Finnish langauge skills by learning new words and new grammar. I'm keeping that idea.

My Swedish blog would be about fitness, training and health. Great idea, I even changed the name of the blog to something more fitness oriented. I do came to realize  there's a lot of other stuff I want to write about too. And eventually I would run out of of fitness stuff to write about. Turning into a fitness blog sorts of constrict other things I want to write about. It is still a good idea so whenever I want to write about exercise and health it will happen in that blog, nowhere else.

The last idea was  my worst. Turning this one into a World of Warcraft blog. It's what I do with most of my free time when I'm not spending it with my family and I also write a lot about it on Facebook. Yes I did the World of Warcraft name change there too. And I probably would have run out of ideas to write about in a blog after a few posts. But part of that idea was good. When I write about World of Warcraft it will happen here.

As a result of this I changed the name of all my blogs to the same name, exactly the same name in 3 languages. They are now more streamlined and similar than they have ever been, because I tried to diverse them. Calling them Nordic also gives a broader view on things, less local, more regional.  Hmm did that sound too much like a politician? Doesn't matter really, it's my blog.
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