Saturday, July 02, 2016

Changing the header

You might remember me mentioning a website about blogging a few posts back. Anyway they have  a 31 day blogger challenge to get you started on your blog. And challenge one was basically change your blog description or elevator pitch as they call it.

Or create one if you didn't have a description. Well I tend to go with lengthy, wise and looong quotes. Half a page from some great mind of humanity is my blog description. Well that doesn't tell people what your blog is about and that might be problem for people who have never seen your blog before.

Your blog has a title in the header but also a blog description. And that description needs to tell your potential readers in a sentence or two what you blog is about and what makes it interesting for them to read.

So I got about four blogs that needed a relevant description what they are about. It took me a couple of days to figure out four descriptions for each one of my blogs. Well technically it's the same blog but in different language and blog portals. So they were custom fitted for each blog and I think it worked out rather well. Links to the right...
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